About Us

Hi and welcome to The Tiffin Times!

We are a ‘typical’ Indian family living in Australia; three generations of cooks competing (occassionally)  in our very own Iron Chef Kitchen. I am the photographer and documenter of our tiffin tales, but the reals stars behind The Tiffin Times are my mother and grandmother who are veritable chefs in their own right – and between them there are enough recipes to fill bookshelves twice over! 

Why The Tiffin Times?

Food is the common denominator in many moments in life. One of the simplest delights in our household is sitting together for meals and enjoying that time with family and friends. As far as I can remember we have always had guests dropping by, whether it is for tea, tiffin or for dinner. And it comes with the expertise of many years in cooking that there is always something prepared in a jiffy to tantalise the tastebuds. We have shared many good times and conversations over tea, hence, you will find tales from our tiffin times here!

We have started The Tiffin Times as a means of recording our family recipes (namely my grandmother and mother’s recipes), reliving memories, making new memories and sharing them with you. This is our family cookbook! Hopefully the stories here will be a reflection of our way of living, our hospitality, and our deep respect for life. We also hope you come to enjoy the stories, the food and home remedies that have been handed down through generations in our family as much as we have!

What cuisine “reigns supreme” on The Tiffin Times?

Now I’ve been a vegetarian for a number of years but we have both non-vegetarians and vegetarians in our household so as time goes on, you’ll find a full range of South Indian recipes on this site.


Some of the posts here are in Tamil. These recipes and prose are all thanks to my dear grandmother (Aachi) and I will try to translate these as best as I can for everyone to enjoy.



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